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Funding the Playground

Table of Contents

What is the Playground?

The Playground is a distributed learning community around decentralized systems. We're funding 6-week long learning adventures to create knowledge and explore the future of learning organizations.

You can read more here

Who are we?

The fathom team has been working on building the foundational infrastructure for a decentralized learning ecosystem, an assessment system for the last 2 years.

The Playground is essential to our roadmap for launching the fathom network. It is building towards our vision of an open universal learning ecosystem from multiple fronts, both providing the bootstrapping process for the network of assessment as well as exploring a plurarlity of interconnected learning structures.

Funds in the Playground

The Playground is funded directly by donations in ETH or DAI. These are then distributed directly to adventurers.

Funds will be controlled by a multisig with keys held by at least 3 parties.

Funds are directly distributed to adventurers via smart-contracts that permit freezing but not withdrawing (a la Burnable Payments). This process is detailed here


The Playground is a testing ground for learning. We want to explore how new systems, tools, and ideas can help people create knowledge.

It's a space in which these structures can incubate, where they can be developed by a community of like-intentioned individuals thinking deeply about learning and how can be pushed forward.

However, this is not meant to be divorced from concrete utility. Learning must be tied to the goals and needs of real beings and communities. The Playground reflects that and aims to create value in the field it operates, decentralized systems. We want to push forward ideas and the research systems that create them, as well as the resources and tools individuals use to learn them.

In all this the Playground should be deeply connected to the broader community of learners, working towards collective goals.

Decentralized Systems

This (re)emerging field is the perfect vanguard for a wave of new powerful learning systems. Not only does it have a breakneck pace of development, but it's ideas and concepts provide tools for thinking about and restructuring learning in the form of consensus systems, cryptography, and data structures.

v1 Roadmap

For the first step we're keeping the Playground small. We will be running 10 adventures over a maximum of 3 months.

Our goal is to validate the core mechanisms of the Playground to enable us to iterate on it's design.

Areas to validate

1. Fathom

Fathom is a key part of the Playground. A decentralized system of assessment is essential for individuals to be able to shape their own learning. The Playground is intended to explore how such a system would be used in a community of learners.

Key Questions

  • What tools and systems are neccessary for interacting with the fathom protocol
  • What are the most immediate and natural use-cases for decentralized credentials in a learning community
  • Are individuals able to come to consensus on assessments
  • Are individuals able to create the concepts they need

2. Playground Parameters and Structures

  • Are the amounts, duration, and constraints around adventures optimal
  • Are the tools and systems we're using to collaborate working towards our goals
  • Is our review process effective and fair?

Learning from v1

We'll be conducting incoming and outgoing interviews with all adventurers and a sample of adventure applicants.

These will then be compiled into a public retrospective before we fund any additional adventures. This will be stored in the retros folder. This file will then be changed to incorporate any differences in our funding process as well as our new roadmap moving forward.