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Contributing Guidelines

🎉 First off, thank you for considering contributing to our project! 🎉

This is a community-driven project, so it's people like you that make it useful and successful. These are some of the many ways to contribute:

  • 🐛 Submitting bug reports and feature requests
  • 📝 Writing tutorials or examples
  • 🔍 Fixing typos and improving to the documentation
  • 💡 Writing code for everyone to use

Please refer to our organization-wide guidelines for general instructions on how to contribute to Fatiando projects.

Ground Rules

The goal is to maintain a diverse community that's pleasant for everyone. Please be considerate and respectful of others. Everyone must abide by our Code of Conduct and we encourage all to read it carefully.

Authorship and credit

We strive to adequately reward and credit all those who contribute to our project in any way. This can vary from an acknowledgment in the release notes to authorship in scientific publications. Please refer to our Authorship Guidelines for more information.

For maintainers

You'll find more information about project maintenance (releases, reviews, etc) in our organization-wide Maintainers Guide.