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@fatih fatih released this Oct 2, 2015 · 2935 commits to master since this release


  • Commands (NEW): a new :GoMetaLinter command which invokes gometalinter. Please check the PR #553 for more detail on customizing and usage of :GoMetaLinter.
  • Commands: Improve :GoImport to trim spaces when including import paths of form "fmt "
  • Commands: Fixed :GoRun to display errors when g:go_dispatch_enabled was enabled
  • Commands: Fixed :GoDrop displaying "Not enough arguments" (regression)
  • Commands: Fixed :GoErrCheck not showing PASS message if the command was successful
  • Commands: Fixed :GoErrCheck not executing in the directory of the currently edited file
  • Commands: Close quickfix window after a successful second round of :GoInstall
  • Internal: Avoid setting filetype twice. Previously it was doing it twice, which was expensive
  • Internal: Improve handling of GOPATH's with trailing / characters, such as /home/user/go/
  • Oracle: Escape files passed to oracle command. This could lead to some serious things.
  • Oracle: Clear g:go_oracle_scope when the scope was reseted. Previously it was set to empty string, which was causing false positives.
  • Oracle: Fix passing files rather than packages to certain oracle commands.
  • Syntax (NEW): add a new g:go_highlight_string_spellcheck feature, which is enabled by feature. Now if spell is enabled, go strings are also checked.
  • Documentation: Correct various misspellings.
  • Documentation: Specify our limited but functional gb support

Thanks to all contributors working on Vim-go.

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