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@fatih fatih released this Mar 16, 2016 · 2304 commits to master since this release


  • Feature (NEW): Introducing code name "motion". A new whole way of moving
    around and navigating (gh-765). Checkout the following new changes:
    • A vim-go specific tool, called motion is being developed which
      provides us the underlying foundation for the following and upcoming
      new features.
    • ]] and [[ motions can be used to jump between functions
    • if and af are improved and implement from scratch. It has now
      support for literal functions, comments of functions, better cursor
      position support and more stable.
    • New :GoDecls and :GoDeclsDir commands that are available if
      ctrlp.vim is installed. Once called one can easily jump to any generic declaration available.
    • I wrote two blog posts about these new features in more detail. I recommend you to read it: Treating Go types as objects in Vim and Navigation between functions and types in vim-go
  • Feature (NEW): A new :GoAlternate command that toggles to the test
    file of the current file. It also has new appropriate mappings to open the
    alternate file in split or tabs. (gh-704)
  • Feature (NEW): Now commands can choose whether they want to open a
    quickfix or a location list via the setting g:go_list_type. Also all
    the commands have now some sensible settings, some will open a qf window,
    some will open a location list (gh-700)
  • Commands: add support for goimport's new -srcdir. Goimports now
    succesfully suports vendor/ folders with this release. (gh-735)
  • Commands: add g:go_gorename_prefill setting which disabled pre filling the argument for :GoRename (gh-711)
  • Commands: improve :GoRun to complete to filenames (gh-742)
  • Commands: fix oracle scope not working if trailing slash exists in scope (gh-751)
  • Commands: fix :GoErrCheck checking abspath (gh-671)
  • Commands: fix :GoInstall correctly parsing errors (gh-692)
  • Commands: fix :GoInstall correctly parsing errors (gh-692)
  • Commands: fix :GoTestFunc for neovim (gh-695)
  • Commands: fix :GoRun accepting arguments for neovim (gh-730)
  • Commands: fix go run mappings not working (gh-542)
  • Internal: improved internal usage of retrieving offsets (gh-762)
  • Internal: improve by substitute all backslashes to slashes for filename (gh-703)
  • Internal: fix autodetect gopath picking up non existing GB vendor folder
  • Internal: fix gofmt errors showing per buffer instead of per script (gh-721)
  • Internal: improve internal Go package path function (gh-702)
  • Internal: improved typo and grammar errors in docs (gh-714)
  • Internal: improved internal :GoInfo automatic call (gh-759)
  • Snippet: fix some of the neosnippet snippets
  • Syntax(NEW): highlight //go:generate comment directives (gh-757)
  • Syntax: Indent code in Go HTML templates (gh-709)
  • Syntax: improve negative numbers of all types, octals, imaginary numbers
    with exponents (gh-752)

Thanks again to all contributors working on Vim-go.

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