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Vim plugin to format Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) files, this format is used by a number of Hashicorp tools, such as Terraform as the language used for configuration.

The plugin by default will format *.hcl, *.tf and *.nomad files on save. Under the hood it uses hclfmt to process the files.



Save the file or call :HclFmt.

By default vim-hclfmt automatically formats *.hcl, *.tf and *.nomad files. You can permanently set this configuration in your ~/.vimrc as follows:

let g:hcl_fmt_autosave = 0
let g:tf_fmt_autosave = 0
let g:nomad_fmt_autosave = 0


Vim-hclfmt follows the standard runtime path structure. For Pathogen just clone the repo. For other plugin managers add the appropriate lines and execute the plugin's install command.

  • Pathogen
  • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-hclfmt
  • vim-plug
  • Plug 'fatih/vim-hclfmt'
  • NeoBundle
  • NeoBundle 'fatih/vim-hclfmt'
  • Vundle
  • Plugin 'fatih/vim-hclfmt'

If hclfmt is not already installed:

go get