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Can you think of a friend who works really long hours on a computer? Programming, writing, researching for hours. By the way, that person could be you. This seems to be a problem, especially as the number of hours we spend on a computer keeps going up. If you could only remember to walk away from the computer for a little bit.Let's write a program that schedules breaks throughout the day reminding that friend who works really long hours on the computer, to listen to music, get up anddance to their favorite song, or just walk away from the computer every once in a while.

Okay. So, I wrote a program called "Take A Break"... But, let me just focus on running it. When I do that, the program starts to keep track of time and after every two hours of work on the computer it opens a interface to play your friend's favorite song, video and also to run the fb login or any other website , even you can see your gf/bf picture.

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