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Ansible Bootstrap

Install Ansible by copying and pasting the following command:

RAW_URL: \curl -L RAW_URL | sh

This command should be idempotent. TODO be able to specify the version of Ansible.


Ansible is a swiss army knife for provisioning and maintaining home directories. It is therefore very useful to have

Bootstrap process

Key assumptions

  • we have (complete and unfettered) sudo access to the local machine
  • curl, wget and apt-get are the only available methods of grabbing extra resources
  • Mac OS X doesn't have a decent package manager by default, we assume that the user has installed Homebrew.

Bootstrapping Ansible

Here's a rundown of what the script does:

  • ensure there's a working package manager
  • install Python 2.7.3 + pip through package manager
  • install Ansible dependencies globally with pip
  • install Ansible

On Ubuntu

  • aptitude is already installed with any distribution
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rquillo/ansible
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install ansible

On Mac OS X

I endorse the use of Homebrew for package management under Max OS X. However there exists no Homebrew Formula for installing Ansible. Until there is one, we will install Ansible manually.