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OpenCart Extension to support Fat Zebra
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Fat Zebra for Open Cart

Supports Open Cart version 1.5.3 and above (possibly below)

Developed June 2012 - Matthew Savage (

Notice: Please ensure your system is backed up before trying new modules/extensions. While we do our best to code as securely as possible we cannot guarantee an untested corner case won't damange your site.

What is it?

This module adds support for the Fat Zebra Internet Payment Gateway.


The upload folder contains all files for this payment module.

You will notice that the folders are in the same structure as your Opencart installation.

  1. Navigate to your OpenCart folder using an FTP program (eg. CyberDuck, Filezilla) - you should see folders such as 'admin' and 'catalog'

  2. Upload the admin and catalog folder into this path.

  3. Login to your administration section and navigate to the Extensions > Payments

  4. Find "Fat Zebra" in the listing and click on the "install" link.

  5. Click on the Edit link to enter the Fat Zebra settings page.


Please contact Fat Zebra ( for any support enquiries, quesions or otherwise.

Release Notes

  • This module was recently updated to use the Fat Zebra Direct Post method.
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