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Wordpress Plugin to add support to Fat Zebra to the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin
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Fat Zebra WP e-Commerce Plugin

Version 1.0.3 for API Version 1.0

A WordPress plugin to add Fat Zebra support to WP e-Commerce for Australian Merchants.


  • WordPress
  • WP e-Commerce ~> 3.8

This plugin uses wp_http_request to submit data to Fat Zebra - this means that you do not need to ensure cURL or similar is installed on your site, the function will determine the most suitable technique to use.

Install the plugin

There are two methods to install the plugin:

Copy the file to the WordPress plugins directory:

  1. Make a new directory in [SITE_ROOT]/wp-content/plugins called wp-e-commerce-fatzebra
  2. Copy the file wp-e-commerce-fatzebra.php to this new directory.
  3. Activate the newly installed plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager.

Install the plugin from WordPress

  1. Search for the WP e-Commerce Fat Zebra plugin from the WordPress Plugin Manager.
  2. Install the plugin.
  3. Activate the newly installed plugin.


  1. Visit the WP e-Commerce store settings page, and click on the Payments tab.
  2. Check the Fat Zebra opeion and then click on the edit link.
  3. Add your username and token, and select the test mode settings, then click Update.

You should now be able to test the purchases via Fat Zebra.


If you have any issue with the Fat Zebra Gateway for WP e-Commerce please contact us at and we will be more then happy to help out.

Pull Requests

If you would like to contribute to the plugin please fork the project, make your changes within a feature branch and then submit a pull request. All pull requests will be reviewed as soon as possible and integrated into the main branch if deemed suitable.

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