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rails rewrite, from scratch

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DF the CH

So, started back in '97 when I was still learning php. This is a rails rewrite because the old code is heinous.

Why rails? I haven't built anything in rails before and wanted something people could easily contribute to.

How to contribute

  • Fork, patch, and send a pull request.
  • Anything rolled into master will get kicked to until the app is good enough to flip.


  • unit tests!
  • tie user actions to models in a secure way
  • restrict model edits to owners
  • group ownership for some models (bands, venues, etc)
  • flesh out models & relationships
  • splat in whatever form widgets are needed for relationships (e.g., adding bands to shows)
  • find/create a forum
  • style!
  • add whatever the railsy solution for exception notification/aggregation is
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