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An web-based mixtape maker.

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moxie makes mixtapes!

Remember muxtape? Yeah, that was nice.

moxie is like that but for UNIX nerds.

Ok, that's cool. I'm not a programmer though...

No one's perfect. :-) We got you covered.

  1. Use setuptools!

    $ easy_install moxie

    Some people prefer pip. You might be one of those people.

    $ pip install moxie

    We swing both ways.

  2. Make a directory full of MP3s!

    $ ls
    01 Act 1_ Eternal Sunshine (the pledge).mp3
    Blizzard - Village Theme (Diablo I).mp3
    Rihanna feat. Jay-Z - Umbrella (Instrumental).mp3

    Oh jeez, whose is that?

  3. Test it out...

    $ moxie-test

    Almost perfect! Except, that text at the top could be improved.

  4. Make a README file:

    $ cat > README
    One Red Mixtape
    Made by [this guy](!

    A title. And a subtitle!

    Did I mention you can use Markdown with the subtitle? I probably should have.

  5. Use local.css if you don't like red.

    $ cat > local.css
    div#header {
            color: white;
            background-color: black;

    How post-ironic: a black and white mixtape entitled "One Red Mixtape."

  6. moxie-static to wrap that sucker up.

    $ moxie-static --verbose
    Wrote index.html
    Wrote xspf
    Wrote MusicPlayer.swf
    Wrote style.css
    Wrote jquery-1.2.6.min.js
    Wrote moxie.js
    Wrote expressInstall.swf
    Wrote swfobject.js
  7. I donno. Put it on a web server someplace?

Hey, that was helpful. But I'm a hacker!

Oh ho! Well, just a couple recommendations:

  • Ditz, a fine issue tracker.
  • git for git://
  • lame to make test data.
  • MTASC so you can compile The Flash.
  • nose for all those unittests we forget to write.
  • SCons is better than make.
  • virtualenv. This is our Opinionated Requirement.

I'm hesitant to ask; but, you know to use apt/emerge/yum and friends. Right?

    $ git clone git:// src

    $ virtualenv moxie

    $ . moxie/bin/activate 

    (moxie)$ cd src/
    (moxie)$ ./ develop
    (moxie)$ scons
    (moxie)$ ./ test

Terminal diarrhea throughout this.

    (moxie)$ moxie-test


    (moxie)$ ditz status
    unassigned  0/ 1 bugfix,    0/ 2 features,  0/ 0 tasks 

Now get to work.


-- la moxie comunidad hacker

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