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What this is

A Slack invite generator service for Fauna's community Slack. You can use it for any Slack you are logged into as an admin by provisioning your own SLACK_LEGACY_TOKEN (and redesigning the index.html page). Set this environment variable in your Netlify control panel.

This app shows how to use Netlify with just plain html js and css, together with Netlify functions.

How to use (1 click)

Click this to fork and deploy Deploy to Netlify

How to use (manual)

Clone or fork this repo, link to a git host (like GitHub or GitLab), and deploy to Netlify at

How to use (Netlify Dev)

Make sure you have the latest CLI version:

npm i -g netlify-cli


git clone # or clone your own fork of this repo
cd vanilla-html-example
netlify dev

and develop away! use netlify functions:create to scaffold new functions as needed

To deploy:

netlify init
# optionally do a preview deploy: netlify deploy
# or straight to prod: netlify deploy --prod

If you have an existing Netlify instance you want this code to take over, use netlify link instead.

You can check your login status with netlify status, and also check out the browser extension and menubar app.


Fauna's community Slack sign up




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