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Plugin for using Pandoc with Jekyll
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Jekyll Plugin for Using Pandoc-Ruby

This is a plugin for using pandoc as your markdown converter jekyll.


The plugin depends on the pandoc-ruby gem, which in turn depends on pandoc. You can install pandoc-ruby with:

gem install pandoc-ruby

To install the plugin, copy pandoc_markdown.rb into the _plugins directory in your site source root (if no _plugins directory exists, create it.)


To tell jekyll to use pandoc to convert markdown, add

markdown: pandoc

to your _config.yml file. If you want to pass options to pandoc, you can add something like

   extensions: [smart, mathjax]

to your _config.yml file. (For how to deal with complex options, take a look at the pandoc-ruby documentation.)

Github Pages

The plugin will not work with github pages. If you set markdown: pandoc in your _config.yml, then, on github pages, that will be ignored, and your pages will be converted with the default markdown converter.

As a partial work around, if you set your preferred github-approved markdown converter in _config.yml and also set the pandoc variable, then the plugin will locally use pandoc to convert markdown. So, for example, a _config.yml containing both

markdown:  rdiscount
   extensions: [smart, mathjax]

will be converted using rdiscount on github pages, and pandoc locally. To get the same effect, but without passing any options to pandoc, try

markdown:  rdiscount
pandoc:  true
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