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XML and other source data of the Faustedition

This repo contains the complete XML source data of the Faustedition.

  • TEI transcriptions of manuscripts are in xml/transcript
  • TEI transcriptions of printed editions are in xml/print
  • non-TEI manuscript descriptions are in xml/document

Manuscript Descriptions

All files somewhere below xml/document contain manuscript descriptions in a proprietary XML format, the corresponding XML schema can be found in the faustedition/faust-schema project. The files below xml/document/print describe the prints, in a compatible but adapted format.

The element <idno type="faustedition"> in each file contains the sigil that is used throughout the edition. These metadata files also serve as an index into the transcripts folder: The XPath expressions //f:textTranscript/@uri and //f:docTranscript/@uri produce URIs that, when resolved, point to the respective textual and documentary transcripts. Resolving using the usual xml:base mechanism will produce an URI like faust://xml/transcript/gsa/390028/390028.xml, replace faust://xml with the path to this repository’s xml subfolder to find the corresponding XML document.

TEI transcriptions

Each manuscript has been transcribed twice: There is one file with a textual transcription of the whole document’s Faust text, and additionaly one file per page with relevant content with a documentary transcription. The transcriptions follow the TEI schema described by the ODD file in the faustedition/faust-schema project. The generated Relax NG schema file is available from For prints there is only a textual transcription.

Each transcript file contains a limited TEI header which contains its sigil (as used throughout the edition) in the <idno type="faustedition"> element.

The easiest way to find the transcriptions for a specific document is to navigate to the corresponding document or page in the edition and to use the download button to get a link to the transcription on Github. All transcriptions belonging to one document always share a folder, e.g., xml/transcript/gsa/391098 contains all transcriptions for 2 H, the textual transcript in a file named like the folder (391098.xml) and the documentary transcriptions in the other files.

Edited Text

Please note that the edited text’s TEI source is not in this repository since it is generated from source and apparatus files. The final TEI including the critical apparatus can be found at, the transformation scripts and apparatus source is in the faust-gen-html project.


XML and other source data of the Faustedition






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