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A simple Eclipse Plugin for Gitlab Snippets feature
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Gitlab Snippets Eclipse Plugin

This project is built using Eclipse Tycho, Maven and the tycho eclipse plugin archetype

The first run will take quite a while since maven will download all the required dependencies in order to build everything.

In order to use the generated eclipse plugins in Eclipse, you will need m2e and the m2eclipse-tycho plugin.

Update sites to install these plugins :

Tycho eclipse plugin archetype generates the following project structure:

- Project
    - pom.xml
    - core/
    - feature/
    - site/
    - test/

To build the project and export the plugin binary files, run:

  - $ mvn clean install

The command above generates the files in the site/ folder, under the site/target/repository/ directory. All files in the site/target/repository/ directory must be exported to the update site, so they can be found by eclipse marketplace.

To install the plugin, click here.

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