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#jQuery Plugin Skeleton ##What? Simple, it's just a skeleton of a jQuery plugin that you can download, clone, fork, whatever. I'm putting it on Github mainly for myself. It also includes an MIT license at the top of the skeleton.

##How? Only thing you really have to do is edit the MIT license on the first line:

Copyright (c) <Year> <First & Last Name>, <Your Web Site>

And then name your plugin by replacing "pluginname" here:

pluginname: function(options) {

Lastly, you basically just start writing you plugin right under this line:

$this = $(this);

Make sure to use $this to reference the element selected from the plugin. Example, $this in this in this case:


Would equal #myelement, or for multiple items selected, the current item the plugin is on while looping through.

##Note! This plugin allows you to keep on chaining, so, for example:

$('#myelement').pluginname().css({border:'1px solid blue'});

Would run pluginname name on #myelement then add a blue border to it after.

##Whats next?

A skeleton that includes ready-to-go functions and callbacks for AJAX based plugins.

##Found a bug?

Submit a bug report above or here: