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Poet has your code-blogging back. Renders markdown, jade, or any templated files as posts, tag it up with metadata that's passed into any view engine you want, instant pagination, tag and category views, and home in time for dinner.

View the source for to see an example of Poet in use. Much <3 to Brittany Fedor for the sweet art!

The Node Poet


Full documentation for Poet can be found at


  • npm install poet


Include Poet in your package.json and add it to your app, passing in your Express app and options.

  express = require('express'),
  app     = express(),
  poet    = require('poet');

poet( app, {
  posts: './_posts/',
  postsPerPage: 5,
  metaFormat: 'json'


  • posts path to directory of your files of posts (default: ./\_posts/)
  • metaFormat format of your front matter on every blog post. Can be yaml or json. (default: json)
  • postsPerPage How many posts are displayed per page in the post list


Posts are constructed in markdown, jade, or any templated language of your choice (read docs), prefixed by front matter via YAML or JSON. All attributes are stored into the post object.


To run tests, run npm test from the project root to run the Mocha tests.