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3D Pong

Stroke Visual Rehabilitation (3D Pong With Eye Tracking)

The focus of this project is to apply visual rehabilitation methods for stroke victims with impaired eyesight. The rehab method that is applied slowly trains the patients eyes to look towards their visually impaired side as they follow the ball around the screen. Using Unity, C# Scripts and Tobii's Eye Tracker & SDK, I have recreated the classic arcade game Pong in a re-imagined 3D format. The added twist of the game is to control the paddle using your eyes.


Tobii Unity SDK:

You can find the Unity SDK file for Tobii here:

Tobii Installation (Hardware and Software)

Hardware installation video guide:

Follow the instructions in this video on how to attach your Tobii Eye Tracker to your monitor

Software installation video guide:

Follow the instructions in this video on how to setup the Tobii software on your system

Profile Creation & Calibration

Everyone that uses the eye tracker must have their own profile that has the eye tracker calibrated for their eyes, follow these instructions on how to setup a new profile:

Built With


  • Unity 2018.3.11f1
  • Tobii Unity SDK 1.6


  • Fawaz Dinnunhan
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