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Currency Command Line Interface

A command line tool for currency conversion. Receives currency data using Fixer API.


First, make sure you have npm installed. This comes packaged with Node.js which can be downloaded at

To install globally:

sudo npm install -g currency-cli


All currencies must be input as their 3 letter code (e.g. USD, GBP).

currency seeall - see all available currencies and their 3 letter codes.

currency latest [currency] - get the latest value of [currency] (with respect to USD).

currency convert [amount] [currency1] [currency2] - convert [amount] of [currency1] to [currency2].

currency historical [date] [currency] get the value of [currency] (with respect to USD) at the given [date].

currency historicalconvert [date] [amount] [currency1] [currency2] - convert [amount] of [currency1] to [currency2], using currency values at the given [date].

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