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# This service allows to retrieve the pairwise cost between a set of nodes.
# The array shall contain all nodes which have to be pairwise connected.
string[] nodes
# ok==true if a path could be found, false otherwise
bool ok
# An optional error message if ok==false
string errmsg
# This contains the costs from each node to each other node of the request.
# The cost from a node to itself is excluded, e.g., for the request
# nodes [a, b, c] the resulting costs will be for a--b, a--c, b--c, b--a,
# c--a, and c--b. Note that costs are not assumed to be symmetric between
# nodes, i.e., a--c and c--a costs might be different, for example if there
# are directed edges in the graph.
NavGraphPathCost[] path_costs
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