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=== 0.5.1 / 2010-07-21
* Fix a publishing problem in Ruby LocalTransport
=== 0.5.0 / 2010-07-17
* Handle multiple event listeners bound to a channel
* Add extension system for adding domain-specific logic to the protocol
* Improve handling of client reconnections if the server goes down
* Change default polling interval to 0 (immediate reconnect)
* Add support for WebSockets (draft75 only) as a network transport
* Remove support for Ruby servers other than Thin
* Make client and server compatible with CometD (1.x and 2.0) components
* Improve clean-up of unused server-side connections
* Change Node API for adding Faye service to an HTTP server
=== 0.3.4 / 2010-06-20
* Stop local clients going into an infinite loop if a subscription block causes a reconnect
=== 0.3.3 / 2010-06-07
* Bring Node APIs up to date with 0.1.97
* Catch ECONNREFUSED errors in Node clients to withstand server outages
* Refactor the Server internals
=== 0.3.2 / 2010-04-04
* Fix problems with JSON serialization when Prototype, MooTools present
* Make the client reconnect if it doesn't hear from the server after a timeout
* Stop JavaScript server returning NaN for advice.interval
* Make Ruby server return an integer for advice.interval
* Ensure EventMachine is running before handling messages
* Handle 'data' and 'end' events properly in Node HTTP API
* Switch to application/json for content types and stop using querystring format in POST bodies
* Respond to any URL path under the mount point, not just the exact match
=== 0.3.1 / 2010-03-09
* Pass client down through Rack stack as env['faye.client']
* Refactor some JavaScript internals to mirror Ruby codebase
=== 0.3.0 / 2010-03-01
* Add server-side clients for Node.js and Ruby environments
* Clients support both HTTP and in-process transports
* Fix ID generation in JavaScript version to 128-bit IDs
* Fix bug in interpretation of ** channel wildcard
* Users don't have to call #connect() on clients any more
* Fix timeout race conditions that were killing active connections
* Support new Node APIs from 0.1.29.
=== 0.2.2 / 2010-02-10
* Kick out requests with malformed JSON as 400s
=== 0.2.1 / 2010-02-04
* Fix server-side flushing of callback-polling connections
* Backend can be used cross-domain if running on Node or Thin
=== 0.2.0 / 2010-02-02
* Port server to JavaScript with an adapter for Node.js
* Support Thin's async responses in the Ruby version for complete non-blocking
* Fix some minor client-side bugs in transport choice
=== 0.1.1 / 2009-07-26
* Fix a broken client build
=== 0.1.0 / 2009-06-15
* Ruby Bayeux server and Rack adapter
* Internally evented using EventMachine, web frontend blocks
* JavaScript client with long-polling and callback-polling
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