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Welcome to your addon

  1. You might want to move this folder into the kodi addon folder for convinience when debugging. It might also be needed to be enabled inside of the kodi addon browser.
  2. Now start coding! Just open up the .py file in this folder and create what you would like Kodi to do! If you're creating a plugin, please check out this kodi routing framework and copy a version of that module to your kodi addon folder.
  3. Write some tests, maybe? Don't forget to activate travis access to your repository. We've created a test folder and a travis config file for that, otherwise just delete those ;)
  4. You might want to look at your addon.xml it should already be filled, but you will need to understand what your doing and might want to fill in some more info. So read up here.
  5. Do you want some settings for your addon? Check the settings.xml in the resources folder. And read up here.
  6. Read this info and drop an icon for your addon into the resource folder and name it icon.png.
  7. Read this and drop a addon background into the resource folder and name it fanart.jpg.
  8. End up with a beautiful Kodi addon! Good for you :) Maybe you want to share it with us?


To get the debug logging to work, just set the global kodi logging to true and the debug logging in your addons settings.

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