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Fay programming language

See the Fay web site for documentation.


A proper subset of Haskell that compiles to JavaScript, Fay is a small programming language which has the following properties:

  • A proper syntactic and semantic subset of Haskell
  • Statically typed
  • Lazy
  • Pure by default
  • Compiles to JavaScript
  • Has fundamental data types (Double, String, etc.) based upon what JS can support
  • Outputs minifier-aware code for small compressed size
  • Has a trivial foreign function interface to JavaScript

Install and run

To install:

$ cabal install

To run tests (from within this directory):

$ fay-tests

To generate documentation (from within this directory):

$ fay-docs

Try it out:

$ fay -autorun examples/console.hs
$ node examples/console.js
Hello, World!

Cabal-dev also works:

$ cabal-dev install
$ cabal-dev/bin/fay-tests
$ cabal-dev/bin/fay-docs

$ cabal-dev/bin/fay -autorun examples/console.hs
$ node examples/console.js
Hello, World!
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