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@@ -18,11 +18,10 @@ You will need Haskell, Snap and Fay installed. The simplest way to get
up and running with Haskell is to install
[The Haskell Platform](
-Snap and Fay are available on hackage, but use chrisdone's master for now:
+Snap and Fay are available on hackage:
-cabal install snap
-git clone && cd fay && cabal install
+cabal install snap fay
Clone this repository and install the package:
@@ -52,12 +51,17 @@ data App = App { _fay :: Snaplet Fay }
makeLens ''App
+Place your Fay .hs files in snaplets/fay/src.
+A snaplet config file will be generated in snaplets/fay/devel.cfg the
+first time your application initializes the snaplet. The defaults are
+the recommended ones for development.
Development Status
-Snaplet Fay is functioning and will be updated to keep up with
-both Snap and Fay.
+Snaplet Fay is functioning and will be updated to keep up with both
+Snap and Fay.

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