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IPFS Drive

A static, serverless web app to manage files and folders in IPFS.

Works on any existing IPFS folder.

Features in the latest release

  • visit any existing IPFS folder
  • navigate inside folders and up the parent directory
  • add stuff to any folder, including things already on IPFS or plaintext
  • copy URL for any file or folder
  • create folders
  • delete, move, rename, copy files and folders
  • view and download files on click
  • clear button to quickly start from empty
  • picks up where you left off
  • undo/redo using back/forward browser buttons. Changes the URL every time you make a modification

Try it

This is the latest development build with known issues.

Check it out

See the file for information about features and known issues in the latest build.

Known Issues

This is what's currently known as broken in master.

  • some javascript errors outputted by ipfs in the browser console
  • sluggish interface in huge folders
  • wonky file/folder detection

Next Release

This is stuff I'd like to implement next.

  • "upload" local files
  • improve performance in huge folders somehow
  • report progress in the most detailed way possibile during IPFS operations
  • handle errors as much as possible

Additional feature wishlist

This is what I'd like to work on next, in no particular order:

  • write tests
  • configurable download strategy (streaming via js or http via gateway)
  • IPNS support, of course the underlying ipfs implementation must support it
  • splitting the JS to avoid 6MB brick and maybe to better share code between versions. It should incrementally load the app
  • offline support with service workers
  • some way to check for updates reliably, probably an OrbitDB Feed
  • show bitswap stats and maybe some kind of controls over IPFS
  • load google static assets stuff (fonts) locally or from ipfs links
  • show file information like an icon based on extension, file size etc
  • show network stats on files, like availability
  • if a folder has an index.html, then it's a website/app and the index should open on click. Read the metadata to load name, description and icon for PWAs
  • basic or configurable integration with other IPFS static apps to open files: for example open md file in a markdown renderer
  • multiple file/folder delete, move, copy
  • pinning. It should start a "background job" that notifies the user when done, of course the underlying ipfs implementation must support it
  • download folder as archive if possible
  • some way to guarantee and check availability
  • simple search

Long term

These are longer term ideas that imply a change in scope for the project.

  • Feeds: feeds will be a way to share stuff. Other users will be able to subscribe to your feed with a link and they'll see what you publish. This would turn Drive into a bit of a social media platform, or it could just be a way to publish dynamic content.
    • create, delete, post to your feeds
    • advertise feeds and also check for feeds being advertised right now
    • seed/pin feeds
  • real time file managing with other people
  • integrated content viewing and editing, for example playing videos
  • manage orbit-db databases
  • turn this into a complete IPFS Web UI


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