A shell script to install a Drupal8 bootstrap sass starterkit subtheme
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Drupal 8 bootstrap sass subtheme creation shell script

Since version 8.x-3.0-rc2 (august 2016), the Drupal Bootstrap theme includes a Sass starterkit. This shell script install and rename folders and edit files to create your subtheme based on this sass starterkit.


You need a Drupal 8 website with drupal bootstrap theme (8.x-3.0-rc2) installed on a linux server. This server must be able to use ruby-compass and drush commands. It needs read/write permissions on the D8 directory.


Download and place the script install-bootstrap-sass.sh at the root of the themes folder of your drupal installation. Start the shell command prompt at this place and start the script with :

$ ./install-bootstrap-sass.sh

During the process it will ask you

Enter the new Drupal Bootstrap(sass) subtheme name to create:

Enter your theme's name and press Enter

The following extensions will be enabled: yourthemename
Do you really want to continue? (y/n):

type 'y' and confirm with enter

Do you want to update default key in system.theme config? (y/n):

type 'y' to make your theme as default and confirm with enter

At the end of the process you should read

Cache rebuild complete.  [ok]

Then you should find your theme in a new themes/custom folder. The theme should be activated by default in drupal.

Commands Details

For details of sh commands includes in this script, see the post (in french) http://www.fb-multimedia.fr/blog/cr%C3%A9er-theme-bootstrap-3sass-drupal-8

Development version

This is a development tool script and it just have been tested on an ubuntu linux VM (Drupal VM). Don't use on production server. Use at your one risk, it comes with no warranty.



##About the autor Fred B. is web developer since 2001 and specialized in drupal theming since 2011.