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Chrome extension that let's you access IPFS urls seamlessly from your local IPFS node, and take a look at its stats.

js-standard-style Available in the Chrome Web Store

Based on react-chrome-extension-boilerplate, ipfs-station and ipfs-firefox-addon (if you're using Firefox, make sure to check it out).




  • Icon with badge that shows if the node is running, and how many peers are connected to it
  • Clicking on the icon opens popup menu with useful operations:
    • See stats of the IPFS node
    • Toggle redirection to the IPFS node
    • Open IPFS node WebUI
    • Open extension options (more about this bellow)
    • Additionally, on pages loaded from IPFS:
      • Copy canonical IPFS address
      • Copy shareable URL to resource at a default public gateway (
      • Pin/unpin IPFS Resource
  • When redirection is on, requests to https?://*/(ipfs|ipns)/$RESOURCE are replaced with http://localhost:8080/(ipfs|ipns)/$RESOURCE
  • Options menu that let's you customize several parameters:
    • IPFS node host
    • IPFS node port
    • IPFS node API port
    • API stats polling interval
    • Toggle redirection


# git clone ...

npm install


  • Run script
# build files to './dev'
# start webpack dev server
npm run dev
  • Go to chrome://extensions/ and check Developer Mode box
  • Click Load unpacked extension... and select the dev folder


# build files to './build'
npm run build

Compress ZIP file

# compress build folder to
npm run compress