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   The goal of this extension is to add features for project
planning and product management. The original need was a 
product search in order to allow faster access to bugs lists
and bugs filling in a Bugzilla with a potentially large number
of products.

Then came requests/ideas regarding the presentation of the
informations attached to products. The idea is to offer a more
product-centric view (because the default view in Bugzilla, is

Limits and bugs:

This is a first extension, so it may contain many bugs and
can be improved in many ways. Comments, remarks and fixes
are welcome.

It has been tested on a small database, for the moment, so
there may be performance issues with large installs.
The versions and milestone pages can be impacted by the number
of bugs in your database, most other pages are just "presentation"
pages that present the information in another way and do not
search for bugs...


   A new product search field is added to the bottom of the
home page. Products can be searched on name or description
(different buttons in the search form). Then the string is
searched in the name or description. If the search string
is empty, all the products are returned.

The product search result is returned as a table with the
products name and description, a link to create/report a new
bug for this product, list the open bugs on the product.

The list of versions and milestones are listed in the result.
The milestones that also appear in the list of versions, are
not listed. The default milestone and version names (unspecified
and '---' are also filtered). 

Each version and milestone name are links to the list of bugs
attached to the named version or milestone.

The product name is a link to a product description page.
This page contains the name and description of the product,
the list of components (with their default assignee), the complete
list of versions and milestones and links to a versions page
and a milestones (or planning) page.

The versions page contains the list of versions (max number
controlled by a parameter), with the list of bugs attached to
each version.

The milestones (or planning) page contains a the list of milestones 
(future versions) with the list of attached bugs and the percentage 
of closed bugs and a progress bar that highlights what has already 
been done.


   To install the extension, as usual, just extract the extension
package (or checkout the extension) into the "extensions" folder
of your Bugzilla installation.