Gpg-remailer decrypts and verifies received mail and then sends it reencrypted to members of a well-defined group
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Gpg-remailer is somewhat similar to ordinary mailing list software, but all
e-mail processed by gpg-remailer is PGP/GPG signed and encrypted.

Gpg-remailer decrypts received PGP/GPG messages, verifies the received
signature and re-encrypts the e-mail for the members of a well defined group
of recipients. Using gpg-remailer the list of members of a group of people
who want to exchange encrypted and authenticated e-mail can be maintained at
one location, allowing the members of the group to specify just one e-mail
address to send PGP/GPG signed and encrypted e-mail to.

Gpg-remailer recognizes the following e-mail formats:
    *  Standard simple encrypted messages.
    *  Multi-part encrypted messages.
    *  Encrypted messages containing detached signatures.

To create the program from its sources, either descend into the gpg-remailer
directory, or unpack a created archive, cd into its top-level directory 
and follow the instructions provided in the INSTALL file found there.

Alternatively, binary ready-to-install versions of the Gpg-remailer program
are available in verious Linux distributions, in particular Debian. See, e.g.,

Github's web-pages for the Gpg-remailer are here: