Utility logging connections through a firewall doing source natting.
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Natlog is a utility logging traffic through a firewall that performs
source-NATting (a.k.a. POSTROUTING). 

Firewalls like iptables usually offer POSTROUTING source network address
translation facilities changing the source address of a host behind the
firewall to the address of the host before the firewall.

The standard log facilities provided by iptables do not easily allow us to
associate addresses behind the firewall to their source-natted equivalents
before the firewall. Natlog was designed to fill in that particular niche.

When running natlog, messages are sent to the syslog daemon and/or to the
standard output stream showing the essential characteristics of the
connection using source natting. Here is an example:

from Fri 8 22:30:10:55588 until Fri 8 22:40:43:807100:
(via: to

Logs like these allow system administrators to associate, e.g., a complaint
arriving for the firewall's IP address (in the example: with a
computer behind the firewall (e.g., that actually was
responsible for the complaint.

Natlog depends on facilities provided by iptables, but may also generate logs
directly using facilities offered by the pcap library.

To create the program from its sources, either descend into the natlog
directory, or unpack a created archive, cd into its top-level directory 
and follow the instructions provided in the INSTALL file found there.

Alternatively, binary ready-to-install versions of natlog are available in
verious Linux distributions, in particular Debian. See, e.g.,

Github's web-pages for natlog are here: