Yodl implements a document language. Yodl documents can easily be converted to, e.g., html, LaTeX, txt, man
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Yodl implements a pre-document language and tools to process it.  The idea
behind Yodl is that you write up a document in a pre-language, then use the
tools (e.g. yodl2html(1)) to convert it to some final document language.
Current converters are for HTML, man, LaTeX, text and a (very) experimental
xml converter.  Main document types are "article", "report", "book" "manpage"
and "letter".  The Yodl document language was designed to be easy to use as
well as extensible.

Yodl's repository has moved to https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/yodl
and is not maintained at this location anymore.

The project's web-page can be found at http://fbb-git.gitlab.io/yodl/