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Mangiamusica - WIP

A digilal music player for kids: just show a card to play music!

The problem

40 years ago to hear a song was enough to grab a 45 turn and put it in a “mangiadischi” (a portable record-player). Something even a 2 year old could do. Today, to hear the same song, you have to open a mobile phone or another device, consult a media library, filter the large number of songs and finally start a digital player.

Digitalization, along with many benefits, has also caused some problems. In particular, it has led to immaterial, complex interfaces, which often require the ability to read and write.

This is a problem for different types of users like preschoolers, the elderly and people with cognitive deficits.

The solution

An app that can play digital files from physical cards that visually represent the song or album to be played.

The same app, in admin mode, can create the tiles, navigating the local media library or connecting to an on-line streaming service, composing and print the tiles with photos and graphics for the song or all selected album. The tiles will contain an optical code that will be read by the app to determine the track to be played.


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