MacVim + essential plugins + my custom (and awesome) .vimrc
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MacVim + essential plugins + my custom .vimrc


I don't see this as another collection of dotfiles, but a practical selection of the best plugins and configs for those willing to enjoy the power of Vim on their Mac. I was inspired by YADR and spf13-vim, or other famous alternatives like Janus, but I did not wanted to have such a big package, I wanted to keep it even simpler.

If you don't like the idea of the complete package, I strongly encourage you to scrabble and take anything you may like in here! But I expect you to (at least) say hi if you like it :P This includes GNU/Linux users, because most of the code in here must work as well for you (I'm using it actually :P).


I provide you with two options (the easy or the easiest):

1) Easy install

Clone this repositoty and execute the installation script:

git clone git:// 
cd fMacVim 

Besides the opportunity of re-customization, this installation includes terminal support for the customized Vim, including the Solarized theme.

Note that you will find an uninstaller too ;)


2) The easiest install

I took MacVim, included all plugins and configs in the package for you to drag and drop it into your /Applications directory:

Download and enjoy!


fMacVim includes:

  • The best .vimrc I've been able to curate (no blogger/githubber was harmed on this process :P). Even though I didn't kept it minimal, I've made an effort to organize and comment everything. You should take a look at it!

  • A personal selection of essential vim plugins:

    • Pathogen.vim (super easy plugin management) by Tim Pope

    • Solarized (pleasant colorscheme) by Ethan Schoonover

    • Powerline (cool statusline replacement) by Kim Silkebækken

    • Menlo patched for powerline (nice font with support for Powerline coolness) by Steve Losh

    • NERDTree (useful file system explorer) by Martin Grenfell

    • NERDCommenter (comment your code easily ,cl ,cu) by Martin Grenfell

    • Signature (easy marks and signs) by kshenoy

    • Clang complete (C/C++ completion using clang) by Xavier Deguillard

    • Supertab (handy addition for text completion) by Eric Van Dewoestine

    • SnipMate (snippets galore!) originally by Michael Sanders but current package by Rok Garbas

    • Fugitive.vim (nice git integration) by Tim Pope

    • Gitv ('gitk clone' plugin for fugitive) by Greg Sexton

    • Gundo (Missing Lion's file versioning at Vim? :P) by Steve Losh

    • OpenGL and GLSL syntax hl (the missing highlighting) by Marc Costa

  • Custom key bindings:

    Quick access to useful commands:

    • F1 Toggle Gundo, navigate and use the history tree of your editions
    • F2 Toggle NERDTree, navigate your FS right from Vim
    • F3 Toggle PASTE mode, paste without breaking indentation
    • F4 Toggle Gitv, explore git history right from Vim
    • F5/F6 Change theme mode Dark/Light
    • F7 Toggle invisibles
    • F8 Run make
    • F9 Activate auto-closing brackets
    • F10 De-activate auto-closing brackets

    Safari-like tab switching

    • Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab Circle back and forth
    • Cmd+1-9 Go to specific tabs


    • # and * To search back and forth (working for visual selections too!)
    • , Enter To remove search highlighting

    Other bindings

    • , is mapped as Vim's <leader> (just in case you look for it)
    • , cl/cu Comment/uncomment lines thanks to NERDCommenter
    • z f/d Create/Delete folds (configured to work manually and will be preserved between sessions)
    • Space Will toggle folds in normal mode
    • , n Toggle line numbering mode in normal mode
    • And a huge list of things Vim could do

Anyway, I strongly encourage you to have a look at my .vimrc to discover what changes/customizations I've done! :D

What's the future of fMacVim?

This is nowhere near to be perfect, so I expect to bring future updates.

  • An updater would be really necessary!
  • I should build .vimrc and .gvimrc separately, I know!
  • I should consider splitting the .vimrc to make it easier to navigate/maintain.
  • I will consider creating a custom Toolbar/Menu.
  • A better documentation would be interesting, wouldn't it?
  • I've got some shortcuts/functions I haven't added to this release I might add in the future. Or not... because it would mean not keeping this simple.
  • I'm thinking to remove OpenGL highlighting from this package, it may be too specific for my needs.
  • I really want to make this package compatible for Linux too, with gtk-vim instead of MacVim :)

I'd be pleased to hear any comments, ideas, code, questions, or whatever you may want to say!

You'll easily find me at:, or @fbeeper.


JIC anybody asks, the Vim licence seems a good fit for any of the "work" I've done packing this ;) For any other concerns about licensing, take a look at:

:help license

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