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MSX1 cloned in FPGA

This project is an MSX1 cloned in FPGA, with some parts of the OCM project.


  • Multiple boards;
  • MSX1 50Hz or 60Hz;
  • RAM Mapper size configurable, depends on the board;
  • 128K Nextor (MSX-DOS2 evolution) ROM with SD driver;
  • Megaram SCC/SCC+ from OCM project (size configurable, depends on the board);
  • Keyboard map reconfigurable;
  • Simple switched I/O ports (no software yet);
  • 15/31KHz configurable.
  • Scanlines configurable.
  • HDMI output on some boards.

In the project there is a loader (IPL) to boot and load ROMs and configuration from SD card.

The "CONFIG.TXT" configuration file is self-explanatory.


Format an SD Card in FAT16 (max 4GB), put the NEXTOR.SYS and COMMAND2.COM files, create a directory called 'MSX1FGPA', put the CONFIG.TXT and KEYMAPs in this directory. Put ROMs and Utilities in the SD Card for MSX use. PS: Due to a Nextor bug, FAT16 partitions with ID 0x0E are not recognized, only with ID 0x06.

Some keys and their functions:

  • Print Screen: Toggle VGA mode;
  • Scroll Lock: Toggle Scanlines mode;
  • F11: Toggle Turbo mode;
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL = Soft Reset;
  • CTRL+ALT+F12 = Hard Reset;
  • CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE = For ZX-Uno based boards only: reload FPGA;
  • Page Down = MSX CODE key;
  • Page Up = MSX SELECT key;
  • ALT = MSX GRAPH key;
  • END = MSX STOP key.

Uses the ROMLOAD utility for ROM loading and executing (simple, megaroms or SCC).