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  • Designed to save your time
  • Common tasks in fewer keystrokes
  • Only search for what really matter
  • Full optimized for developers
  • Portable and easy to install (any machine with nodejs installed)
  • Open source

kaki grep example


npm install -g kaki


kaki [OPTION]... PATTERN [path]

Search for text in files -x or --text

kaki -x myFunction

Search for regex pattern in files

kaki -x "/filter.*/"

Search for files that contains text in name -w

kaki -w "index"

Search for regex pattern in files name

kaki -w "/[A-Z]+.js/"

Search recursively -R for files of type -t .doc,.docx,.xls

kaki -R -t .doc,.docx,.xls

Search for shell files [.sh .bash .csh .tcsh .ksh .zsh .fish] in current directory

kaki --shell

Invert match -v: select non-matching files

kaki -v [OPTIONS]... PATTERN [path]

Ignore case distinctions -i

kaki -i [OPTIONS]... PATTERN [path]

Ignore directories --ignore-dir. Similar approach for --ignore-file and --ignore-ext

kaki -R --ignore-dir dist,target

General options

 -h, --help             output usage information
 -V, --version          output the version number
 -i, --ignorecase       Ignore case distinctions
 -x, --text             find text or /regex/ in files
 -w, --word             force PATTERN to match only whole words or /regex/ (file name)
 -t, --extensions       filter by custom types ex: ".app,.jar,.exe"
 -R, --rec              search recursively
 -v, --invert-match     Invert match: select non-matching lines
 --ignore-dir           Ignore directories from search
 --ignore-file          Ignore files from search
 --ignore-ext           Ignore extensions from search
 --sort                 Sort the found files

Supported languages and related extensions

--actionscript .as .mxml
--ada          .ada .adb .ads
--asm          .asm .s
--asp          .asp
--aspx         .master .ascx .asmx .aspx .svc
--batch        .bat .cmd
--cc           .c .h .xs
--cfmx         .cfc .cfm .cfml
--clojure      .clj
--cmake        CMakeLists.txt; .cmake
--coffeescript .coffee
--cpp          .cpp .cc .cxx .m .hpp .hh .h .hxx
--csharp       .cs
--css          .css
--dart         .dart
--delphi       .pas .int .dfm .nfm .dof .dpk .dproj .groupproj .bdsgroup .bdsproj
--elisp        .el
--elixir       .ex .exs
--erlang       .erl .hrl
--fortran      .f .f77 .f90 .f95 .f03 .for .ftn .fpp
--go           .go
--groovy       .groovy .gtmpl .gpp .grunit .gradle
--haskell      .hs .lhs
--hh           .h
--html         .htm .html
--java         .java .properties
--js           .js
--json         .json
--jsp          .jsp .jspx .jhtm .jhtml
--less         .less
--lisp         .lisp .lsp
--lua          .lua
--make         .mk; .mak; makefile; Makefile; GNUmakefile
--matlab       .m
--md           .mkd; .md
--objc         .m .h
--objcpp       .mm .h
--ocaml        .ml .mli
--parrot       .pir .pasm .pmc .ops .pod .pg .tg
--perl         .pl .pm .pod .t .psgi
--perltest     .t
--php          .php .phpt .php3 .php4 .php5 .phtml
--plone        .pt .cpt .metadata .cpy .py
--pmc          .pmc
--python       .py
--rake         Rakefile
--rr           .R
--ruby         .rb .rhtml .rjs .rxml .erb .rake .spec
--rust         .rs
--sass         .sass .scss
--scala        .scala
--scheme       .scm .ss
--shell        .sh .bash .csh .tcsh .ksh .zsh .fish
--smalltalk    .st
--sql          .sql .ctl
--tcl          .tcl .itcl .itk
--tex          .tex .cls .sty
--textile      .textile
--tt           .tt .tt2 .ttml
--vb           .bas .cls .frm .ctl .vb .resx
--verilog      .v .vh .sv
--vhdl         .vhd .vhdl
--vim          .vim
--xml          .xml .dtd .xsl .xslt .ent
--yaml         .yaml .yml

Default ignored directories

[".bzr", ".cdv", ".dep", ".dot", ".nib", ".plst", ".git", ".hg", ".pc", ".svn",
 "_MTN", "CSV", "RCS", "SCCS", "_darcs", "_sgbak", "utom4te.cache", "blib", "_build",
 "cover_db", "node_modules", "CMakeFiles", ".metadata", ".cabal-sandbox", ".idea"]


  • Kaki is strongly inspired in ack! project.
  • Made with love ❤️