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TRANSLIT: A Large Name Transliteration Resource

TRANSLIT is A Large Name Transliteration Resource. If you find this code useful in your research, please consider citing:

Author = {Fernando Benites, Gilbert François Duivesteijn, Pius von Däniken, Mark Cieliebak}
Title = {Large Name Transliteration Resource},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020)},
Year = {2020},

We merged together sources that now encompasses 3 Millions surfaces (names) of around 1.6 Million entities

We merged four data sources:

  1. JRC named entities
  2. Amazon Wiki-Names
  3. Google En-Ar transliterations
  4. Geonames

We also searched for lang tags of wikipedia for transliterations (wiki-all).

We merged multiple names of an entity and assigned a UUID to it. We saved all the gathered names/entities in the file TRANSLIT.json, in the artefacts directory.

Dataset # entities # name variations mean length of chars per name
JRC 819'209 1'338'463 14.3
Geonames 139'549 758'274 10.6
SubWikiLang 609'420 1'376'446 10.3
En-Ar 15'858 31'716 4.4
Wiki-lang-all 122'180 144'588 17.0
TRANSLIT (all) 1'655'972 3'008'239 11.8


The experiments of the paper can be retraced with the use of the scripts, and in the code directory. For their use, the data in artefact is used. To recreate this data, you need to download the original data (17G zipped) with Afterward you should run


the artefacts are quite large, so git lfs needs to be installed: $ sudo apt install git-lfs $ git lfs install --local $ git lfs fetch


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