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Open-Source Decision Automation System, designed for legal content. Currently Django-based.
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open decision

We are building an Open-Source Decision Automation System, that is optimized for legal processes. The system will be used to build a platform for legal advice for consumers in Germany.
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The system is split in several different applications.
The builder app enables legal scholars to build complex decision trees without requiring technical knowledge. The builder is currently developed using the Python web-framework Django. The decision trees can be exported to plain JSON, the logic is currently encoded using JsonLogic.
The decision trees can be interpreted on several plattforms.
Website: The website is currently developed using Django for back- and front-end, soon it will use React as front-end.
Apps: Using React Native, apps for Android and iOS are planned.
Chat-Bot: A demo of the Telegram-Bot is already running, Facebook and WhatsApp bots are planned.

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