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GNU Affero General Public License

An open-source backtesting engine/ trading simulator, licensed under AGPL 3.0.

For news, updates, and more information about the project, please visit our website at


To install TuringTrader, download the setup file from


Find the TuringTrader documentation at

Building from Source


  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022
    • installation must include Workloads for .NET desktop development and Universal Windows Platform development
  • .NET 6.0 SDK
  • DocFX toolset version 2.62.2
  • WiX Toolset v4 (FireGiant's HeatWave Community Edition)

Build Steps

Here are the individual steps to build TuringTrader from source:

  • Install TuringTrader from binary distribution
  • Open TuringTrader solution in Visual Studio
  • Build release version of TuringTrader project
  • Publish TuringTrader application
  • Build BooksAndPubs project (linked against the binary version installed)
  • Build setup project
  • Build documentation

The project also contains a script for a single-click build of the installer. See SINGLE_CLICK_BUILD.bat at the repository root!

Happy coding!

Felix Bertram