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A Leiningen plugin for compiling Solidity smart contracts.


lein-solc is available from Clojars. The latest released version is:
Clojars Project
Add it to the :plugins vector of your project.clj.

Plugin assumes solc compiler is installed and on your $PATH.


You can specify the contracts to compile by adding an :solc map to your project.clj. It takes the following key value pairs:

  • :src-path string with the path where the .sol source files are residing, relative to the projects root path.
  • :build-path string with the path where the compiled output is written to, relative to the projects root directory.
  • :abi? (optional) boolean, if true (default) output includes contract's abi interfaces.
  • :bin? (optional) boolean, if true (default) output includes contract's bytecode.
  • :truffle-artifacts? (optional) boolean, if true contracts are compiled into truffle artifacts, that can be required and deployed with truffle.
  • :contracts vector of files with the Solidity contracts source code, relative to the src-path directory (you can also specify sub-directories), or :all to compile all of the contracts in the root of the src-path.
  • :solc-err-only (optional) boolean, if true (default value) only compilation errors will be reported to the STDOUT.
  • :verbose (optional) boolean, if false (default value) the STDOUT output is limited to the most important information.
  • :byte-count boolean, if true after succesfull compilation the number of bytes in the compiled .bin file will be printed to the STDOUT. Only valid if :bin? is set to true.
  • :optimize-runs (optional) map of contract filenames and parameter n values, where 0 <= n < inf is an estimated number of contract runs for optimizer tuning. It represents a trade-off between a smaller bytecode (low values) and cheaper transaction costs (high values).


:solc {:src-path "resources/contracts/src"
       :build-path "resources/contracts/build/"
       :contracts ["MyContract.sol" "sub/MySecondContract.sol"]
       :byte-count true
       :optimize-runs {"MyContract.sol" 1}}

The contracts in :contracts will be compiled when you do:

$ lein solc once

which is equivalent to lein solc. You can also watch the :contracts files and re-compile them on changes if you do:

$ lein solc auto


Leiningen plugin for compiling solidity contracts






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