Show uncommitted, untracked and unpushed changes for multiple Git repos
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Show uncommited, untracked and unpushed changes in multiple Git repositories.

multi-git-status shows:

  • Needs push(BRANCH) if the branch is tracking a remote branch which is behind. If there are branches with no remote, this status is also shown since the branch might be new and unpushed. This is even true for branches with no new commits.
  • Needs pull(BRANCH) if the branch is tracking a remote branch which is ahead. This requires that the local git repo already knows about the remote changes (i.e. you've done a fetch). It does NOT contact the remote.
  • Uncomitted changes if there are unstaged or uncommitted changes on the checked out branch.
  • Untracked files if there are untracked files which are not ignored.

Since there are a lot of different states a git repository can be in, multi-git-status makes no guarantees that all states are taken into account. For example, multi-git-status does not look at stashes.


Usage: mgitstatus <DIR> [DEPTH=2]

Scan for .git dirs under DIR (up to DEPTH dirs deep) and show git status


  1. Clone this git repo
  2. Copy mgitstatus somewhere in your PATH


multi-git-status is released under the MIT license.