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"Pizza Party!" - A Jovo V4 master template supporting a lot of features for both Alexa and Google Assistant platform


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"Pizza Party!" - Yet another Jovo V4 master template for Alexa and Google Assistant supporting a lot of features (V1.20220725)

What this is about

There are a lot of Jovo examples around but I did not find any project template that served my use case: this is why I collected pieces and examples on the web, Slack channels, forums, docs and what I learned from personal communication (especially thanks for that!). I used the results to prepare this template project which hopefully serves a lot of users to find their way into Jovo.

Pizza Party Jovo Example Project Template

Feature list

This Jovo V4 example project includes the following features:

  • Configuration prepared for stages PROD and DEV
  • Support for different product names for PROD and DEV for easier maintenance
  • Support for different invocation names for PROD and DEV for easier testing
  • Support for different invocation names for Alexa and Google in case that platform specific certification rules require a different selection
  • Generated code deploys to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Simple Pizza Party example shows usage of Jovo V4 component concept (reusable YesNoChoiceComponent.ts)
  • Implements i18n (currently "de", "en")
  • Configuration prepared for locales 'de-DE' and locales 'en-US', 'en-GB', 'en-AU', 'en-CA', 'en-IN'
  • Shows implementation for platform specific intents AMAZON.StopIntent, AMAZON.CancelIntent, AMAZON.HelpIntent, AMAZON.RepeatIntent, AMAZON.StartOverIntent, AMAZON.YesIntent, AMAZON.NoIntent.
  • Learn how to configure Alexa Card support
  • Localized i18n "quick replies" for both Google Assistant and Echo Show devices
  • Shows how to add support for APL (Alexa Presentation Language) document documents conditionally on supporting devices only ("Good Bye" page example)
  • Configuration includes preselection for all APL interfaces: simply remove what you don't need instead of copying and pasting all those variants together
  • Includes some prepared examples how to define and run locale specific test cases using jest for some basic intents (run npm test)

Bonus time saver

The configuration in the example shows how to maintain all those necessary entries for the Amazon/Google marketplaces from Jovo configuration files while avoiding duplicate maintenance of settings when targeting multiple locales:

This means less necessity for working within the developer consoles. Instead of cloning settings and navigating between multiple browser tabs you can configure it all in one file.

Ready to deploy

What you will find nice: The generated code artifacts validate within the Developer/Google Console, so the results are technically ready for deployment:

This means more time for you to focus on your use case!

Comments & Feedback welcome!

For sure there is a lot to improve. Let me know what you think.

Pizza Party Jovo Example Project Template - Good Bye Page


"Pizza Party!" - A Jovo V4 master template supporting a lot of features for both Alexa and Google Assistant platform