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Virtual Help Desk Skill for Hello Magenta Assistant (2nd Winner)

This repository contains deliverables for the Remote Rhapsody Online Hackathon. This contribution "Virtual Help Desk" has been selected 2nd Winner from the Jury.

2nd Winner

YouTube Video

The YouTube video describing a typical usage scenario can be found here: Virtual Help Desk Promo Video -

The Issue

The issue

The Solution

The issue

The Big Picture

The big picture

Voice CMS

Using the services from Airtable we built a Voice CMS to maintain the contents of the skill.

Access to the Voice CMS/Airtable is possible via a share link. For reasons of security I cannot share the link in GitHub but only on request.

Voice CMS

Magenta App

The results for the user request will also appear within a card in the Magenta App. The content shown depends on what information has been provided within the Voice CMS:

Hello Magenta App

Code Artifacts

What you will find in the folders:


Definitions for launch phrase and parameters using regular expressions.

Folder: "images"

Image artifacts used for the presentation.

Folder: "serverless"

Backend logic for the service which is used from the python code. The lambda function build in JavaScript makes requests to the Voice CMS db and triggers writing new entries in case some keyword was not yet supported.

Folder: "skill-catalog"

Catalog file for the Hello Magenta App entry.

Folder: "skill-helpdesk-python"

The skill implementation itself. The file "impl/" contains the business logic of the skill.


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