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nishantpoorswani Update checksums for ap6210-firmware-nanopi
Signed-off-by: nishantpoorswani <>
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Yocto / OpenEmbedded support for FriendlyARM NanoPi and NanopPi-M4


The meta-nanopi layer depends on:

URI: git://
layers: meta
branch: master


If your chosen machine is Nanopi-m4, the image will be present in tmp/deploy/images/nanopi-m4. You can now generate a bootable sd-card image or flash to sd-card directly with the help of the fusing scripts

  1. Generating bootable sd-card images

Run the following command in tmp/deploy/images/nanopi-m4:

sudo ./ yocto

This will create a sd-card image in the tmp/deploy/images/nanopi-m4/out folder called as rk3399-sd-yocto-linux-4.4-arm64-$(date +%Y%m%d).img

  1. Flashing the image directly to the sd-card using fusing scripts

Run the following command in tmp/deploy/images/nanopi-m4 after inserting the sd-card:

sudo ./ /dev/sdX yocto

Please replace x in /dev/sdx with your device(eg /dev/sdb)

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