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Like a Death Star, but live!

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Life Star

Yet another web server for the Lively Kernel. Runs on node 0.6.x+.

nvm use 0.6.10 # or 11, or ...
# make sure libxml2-dev is installed before running npm install

For a minimal Lively Kernel experience, run the jake task:

# npm install jake (in case you haven't done that yet)
cd LivelyKernel/
make install_partsbin
cd ..
node life_start.js

Then open http://localhost:9001 in a WebKit based browser or Firefox.

This is basically a jsDAV handler on the local file system hooked up to a few express.js routes. Somewhat hacky.

It seems to work and we may have the possibility to write our own routes, server-side tool support etc. without giving up the current DAV-based tools.


0.0.3 Ported to expressjs 3.x so it runs on node 0.8.x. Should run on Windows soon.

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