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Contributing to FBPIC

How to contribute

Forking the repository

In order to contribute, please fork the main repository:

  • Click 'Fork' on the page of the main repository, in order to create a personal copy of this repository on your Github account.

  • Clone this copy to your local machine:

git clone<YourUserLogin>/fbpic.git

Implementing a new feature and adding it to the main repository

  • Switch to the development branch
git checkout dev

and install it

python install
  • Start a new branch from the development branch, in order to implement a new feature. (Choose a branch name that is representative of the feature that you are implementing, e.g. add-quadratic-deposition or fix-matplotlib-errors)
git checkout -b <NewBranchName>
  • Start coding. When your changes are ready, commit them.
git add <ChangedFiles>
git commit
  • Synchronize your branch with the main repository. (It may have changed while you where implementing local changes.) Resolve merging issues if any, and commit the corresponding changes.
git pull dev
  • Test and check your code:

    cd fbpic/
    pyflakes .
    • Make sure that the tests pass (please install openPMD-viewer first)
    python install
    pip install matplotlib openPMD-viewer
    python test

    (Be patient: the tests can take approx. 5 min.)

  • Push the changes to your personal copy on Github

git push -u origin <NewBranchName>
  • Go on your Github account and create a pull request between your new feature branch and the dev branch of the main repository. Please add some text to the pull request to describe what feature you just implemented and why. Please also make sure that the automated tests (on Github) return no error.

Style and conventions

  • Document the functions and classes that you write, by using a docstring. List the parameters in and describe what the functions return, according to Numpy style, as in this example:
def print_simulation_setup( comm, use_cuda ):
    Print message about the number of proc and 
    whether it is using GPU or CPU.

    comm: an fbpic BoundaryCommunicator object
        Contains the information on the MPI decomposition

    use_cuda: bool
        Whether the simulation is set up to use CUDA

Don't use documenting styles like :param:, :return:, or @param, @return, as they are less readable.

  • Lines of code should never have more than 79 characters per line.

  • Names of variables, functions should be lower case (with underscore if needed: e.g. get_filter_array). Names for classes should use the CapWords convention (e.g. Fields). See this page for more details.