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Introduction Build Status Coverage Status is a python module providing a basic python interface to interact with a device running OpenWebIf is licensed under the MIT license.

Getting started is compatible with OWIF 0.4 or newer. It may work on older versions, but that has not been tested.

For further info on OpenWebIf and it's API's see:

See file:

Requirements requires:

  • requests>=2.0


pip install


import openwebif.api

# This will use http by default (not https)
e2_client = openwebif.api.CreateDevice('')

is_now_in_standby = e2_client.is_box_in_standby()
is_now_in_standby = e2_client.toggle_standby()
xml_response = e2_client.get_about()
json_response = e2_client.get_status_info()


  • https or OpenWebIf authentication is not yet supported.
  • Add get_picon function

Developer is hosted by Github at

Code has been tested with the following before commit:

flake8 openwebif
pylint openwebif
coverage run -m unittest discover tests

Copyright (c) 2015 Finbarr Brady.