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"name": "Christian Listmann",
"title": "Projektmanagement, Konzeption und Beratung",
"email": "",
"phone": "0178 6606 284",
"website": "",
"city": ["Frankfurt", "Offenbach", "Wiesbaden", "Mainz"],
"keywords": ["Projektmanagement", "Account Direction", "Konzeption", "Interim-Management", "Digitale Kommunikation", "Strategisches Marketing", "Marketingkonzepte", "Beratung", "Wireframes", "Grobkonzept", "Feinkonzept", "Social Software", "Social Networking", "Social Media", "facebook Marketing", "virales Marketing", "branded Entertainment", "augmented reality", "QR Code", "Churn Management", "Produktmanagement", "Online-Marketing", "SEO", "SEM", "eCRM", "Web-Analyse", "Portale", "Intranet", "new business", "KPI Entwicklung", "Pitch-Unterstützung"],
"profiles": {
"gravatar": "",
"xing": "",
"twitter": "",
"google+": "",
"facebook": "",
"linkedin": "",
"github": "",
"stackoverflow": "",
"aboutme": "",
"500px": "",
"behance": "",
"flickr": "",
"slideshare": ""
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