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Access logs from the Magento backend
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A very thin and configurable layer between you and your logs :)

This is a simple module that enables you to configure logs and commands to display log file in the backend.

Currently only log files and shell commands are supported, but in theory log content could be retrieved from any source (e.g. databases, GrayLog,...) and other commands could be used to filter and preprocess the data before being displayed.

Adding a new log and commands

                    <label>system.log</label><!-- shows in the drop down -->
                    <file_path>###LOGDIR###/system.log</file_path><!-- ###LOGDIR## will be replaced -->
                    <model>aoe_logviewer/log_file</model><!-- Aoe_LogViewer_Model_Log_Abstract -->

                            <label>Last n lines (newest first)</label><!-- shows in the drop down -->
                            <command_string>tail -n %2$s '%1$s' | tac</command_string><!-- %1$s: file, %2$s: number of lines (currently hardcoded) -->
                            <model>aoe_logviewer/command_shell</model><!-- must extend Aoe_LogViewer_Model_Command_Abstract -->

                        <!-- ... add more commands for the current log here ... -->



                <!-- ... add more logs here ... -->


TODO / Ideas

  • Reload log content via AJAX.
  • Add a refresh button.
  • Add a auto-refresh function.
  • Make number of rows configurarable
  • Add paging to log (this will be a challenge for the shell commands)
  • Add configurable row decorators that can parse the row and display them differently than plain text
  • Add scheduler function that can process logs, look for some keywords and add messages to the Magento backend.
  • Add system.log/tail to reuse/reference command configurations instead of duplicating them. Overwriting parts should still be possible.
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