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Magento Profiler


Enable profiler in System > Configuration > Developer > Debug > Profiler.

  • Trigger profiling by appending ?profile=1 to the url.
  • If you're using PHPStorm and have the RemoteCall plugin installed append ?profile=1&links=1 to the url to enable profiling including links to PHPStorm (this might be a slower).

Profile cli scripts

To profile shell scripts like Mage_Shell_Compiler change code at the end of the file to:

$_GET['profile'] = true;
require_once   '../app/Mage.php';
$shell = new Mage_Shell_Compiler();

You will find html page with rendered profiler output in var/profile/{date}.html

Profile only slow requests in production

To profile slow requests in production you will need to modify index.php. Warning: This will have an impact on overall performance as the timers will be recorded for every request but only rendered for slow requests.

On the 2nd line, add:

$_slowRequestTime = 10.0;  // Set to FALSE to disable
if ($_slowRequestTime) $_start = microtime(TRUE);

Before Mage::run...) add:

if ($_slowRequestTime) Varien_Profiler::enable();

After Mage::run(...) add:

if ($_slowRequestTime) {
    $_elapsed = microtime(true) - $_start;
    if ($_elapsed > $_slowRequestTime) {
        $_uri = isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) ? $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : 'unknown';
        $_profileName = Mage::helper('aoe_profiler')->renderProfilerOutputToFile($_uri);
        // Log, email, etc..
        Mage::log("Request for $_uri took $_elapsed seconds. See profiler output in $_profileName", Zend_Log::INFO, 'slow_requests.log');

Enable database profiling

Add this to your local.xml:

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