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  • Add project-wide jobconf settings in job-conf.clj.

  • optional docstring and metadata support on defparallelagg and defparallelbuf.

  • def*ops now present proper argument list metadata.

  • Added cascalog.ops/partial

  • fixed :sinkmode docstring.

  • defaggregateop no longer fails when returning nil

  • Better error reporting on parametrized ops (variadic args aren't supported; this now throws an error.)

  • MUCH better error messaging on failed tests. Here's the old way:

    expected: (= (map multi-set (map doublify set1)) (map multi-set (map doublify set2))) actual: (not (= ({[2.0] 1}) ({[1.0] 1})))

vs the new:

expected: (= input output)
actual: (not (= [[2.0]] [[1.0]]))